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 Common Sense Standard League Season 1.1 matchs

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PostSubject: Common Sense Standard League Season 1.1 matchs   Sun Aug 17, 2008 1:11 pm

Common Sense Standard League Season 1.1 Final Results

Place Clan Member Points
1st Mooncalf 22,2
2nd izzet guildmage 22,5
3rd mr moto 21,5
4th madt_99 17,13
5th wildman4420 16,12
6th tstauffer 15,12
7th bodeddie 11,15
8th angail 11,17

Prizes will be awarded as
follows 1st -8th for future rounds.I'm going to keep it simple, first
place will get 8 tickets, second place will get 7 and so on down the line.
Don't worry tho there will be plenty of tickets left for later.

I'm will be keeping track of where people place in each league and then at the
end of the year maybe we will be able to give out even bigger prizes to the top

Common Sense League 2008 Standings

Place Clan Member Points
1st Mooncalf 8
2nd izzet guildmage 7
3rd mr moto 6
4th madt_99 5
5th wildman4420 4
6th tstauffer 3
7th bodeddie 2
8th angail 1

This one is pretty easy to see how the scoring is done, any questions let me
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Common Sense Standard League Season 1.1 matchs
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