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 Common Sense League Season 2.2 Daftling

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PostSubject: Common Sense League Season 2.2 Daftling   Mon Apr 13, 2009 5:21 pm

Common Sense League Season 2.2 Draftling

 Place Clan Member Matches Points Tickets Won Paid
1st Moon calf14 25, 6 8 paid
 2nd jmason13 20, 10 3 paid
 3rd wildman442016 20, 17 2 paid
 4thDr Zaius10 13, 12 1 sent to prize pool
 5thtimmyhill 12 12, 16 1 paid

The cut off for Prizes if 5th place, however you can still get season points.

 Place Clan Member Matches Points
 6th shabbawoo8 10, 9
 7th angali6 8, 8
 8th gatorg2 4, 2
 9th tstuffer 6 3, 12
 10thmaddog400012163, 18

FInishing Pos.Payout Number of tickets collected 15
1st 50% of prize fund = 8 tickets
2nd 25% of prize fund = 4
3rd 15% of prized fund = 2
4th 5% of prize fund = 1
5th 5% of prize fund = 1

Common Sense League 2009 Standings

I'm will be keeping track of where people place in each league and then at the end[br /]of the year maybe we will be able to give out even bigger prizes to the top people. You must place in the top 8 in a league round to score season points.

 Place Clan Member Points
 1st Mooncalf16
 2nd jmason13
 3rd wildman442010
 4th izzet guildmage7
 5th andymc15
 6thdr zaius5
 7th timmyhill 4
 8th andrewtiu3
 10th Gromhan2
 11th angali2
 12th mr moto1
 13th gatorg1
 14th ecupitratefan69 0
 15th steelpheonix 0
 16th  maddog400012 0
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Common Sense League Season 2.2 Daftling
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