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League Season 4
Status: ended
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Get in touch with your Tribal Side
Here we are in the final round of our second year of clan leagues, which in itself is cause for some celebration. Many of us have already joined round 2.7, classic tribal wars format, and I want to repeat the invitation to all you others to register too. You may think classic tribal wars format is not for you, but I have some reasons why you ought to reconsider. You have plenty of time remaining, it runs right through December. You donít need classic cards, you can play with standard legal cards, and standard contains some very competitive cards too, just think about terminate or lightning bolt for example. The format could not be easier, all you have to do is include twenty creatures that share a creature type. Since most pauper decks use around 20 creatures anyway this is not much of a jump from what you normally do. You can play more than 20 creatures if you want to, and you can use changelings to make up the numbers if youíre short. No sideboard allowed, so even easier. If you got this far and you still are not persuaded then maybe the lure of a huge prize pool would change your mind. No exaggeration here, so far we have 31 tix to distribute to the winners, and then thanks to generous sponsors we also have the following legendary rare card prizes: a Lotus Cobra for first place (kindly donated by Jimmus), also Iona, Shield of Emeria for second place and Chandra Ablaze for third (both donated by Izzet Guildmage). Did I get your attention yet? Iím sure you also would like to get a kick-start on the metagame, so Iíll try and help you with that too. Although no tribes are banned in this league, it has not been a sea of broken Slivers and Goblins at all, rather the opposite in fact. The surprise hit tribe de jour turns out to be Cats! So far I have encountered three distinct builds. First is the Naya build with Wild Nacatl, Jungle Lion, Mtenda Lion and Scythe Tiger topped off with burn and maybe Safe Passage. Another version uses Whitemane Lion and other bounce effects. The last is mono-green with Rancor. Elves has also been popular as it was last time we played tribal. Who wouldnít love the combination of Quirion Ranger, Birchlore Rangers, Nettle sentinel, Timberwatch Elf and Distant Melody? Other tribal sightings include a Rats based version of ever popular mono black control, a mono blue Illusion build, a beastly Beast deck, a nearly standard legal mono white Soldier pile, another mono white Kithkin offering, and I hear a vicious Zombie tribe has also resurfaced. Plenty of scope for experimentation.
100 Singleton
Congratulations to Izzet Guildmage who dominated and won the 100 singleton round 2.6 with his usual panache. History repeated itself, and decks including white, blue and black seem to have been most successful overall, although the margin between them and other decks was very slim, and many competitive games were played out. Again rather predictably in such a large deck size, many results were decided by early mana screw, and/or late flood. Itís hard to say if another deck could have done better, mainly due to the low participation. So low in fact that season points went unawarded.
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