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League Season 4
Status: ended
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What is Common Sense?
Common Sense is a Magic the Gathering Online clan for Pauper format players. Clan leagues continue to be our main emphasis and are hotly contested. Another area of interest is tournament play testing. Equally important are the opportunities to meet and share information with other paupers both here on the forum and also online.

Who are Common Sense?
Common Sense was founded by AndyMC1 in the time before the Pauper format was officially supported by Wizards of the Coast. This forum was launched on Saturday May 31, 2008 1:20 pm.

ChrisMH77 is the acting clan captain with overall responsibility for the clan, and is the only one who can issue invites to Common Sense.

Wildman4420 was clan captain for several years before ChridMH77 took over.

JMason, manages this forum, and runs the leagues.

TimmyHill ran monthly clan leagues for 2 years.

NecroSavant543 is a host for many PDC tournaments.

There are currently 129 members in Common Sense, not all active.