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 Join our league

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PostSubject: Join our league   Thu Apr 30, 2009 4:39 am

By now youíll all have read Timmyís message appealing for more involvement in clan activities. The alphabet league is still running, and itís not too late to join. If youíre undecided about joining then please do, itís really a very exciting format with some surprising things about it.

Surprise number one: just playing the best deck might not win you the league. Due to bonus points you can get ahead of other players. With my letter C deck if I win 8 matches I will have 16 points. Right now Wildman with his letter K deck has won 4, lost 4 and is on 17 points. Thatís right, with a 50% win rate heís ahead of someone on 100% wins without bonuses!

Surprise number two: decks are really competitive. Even the letter K which is supposed to be weak and gets a bonus. Itís got 1 drops with suspend, flankers, and Kaervekís torch for a finisher. Other decks based off busted cards can do well too, Crypt Rats and Sprout Swarm for instance. I hear the mountain deck is better than expected.

If you canít be in this league then join the next. That will be a Standard format league. With 50 people in our clan we surely can get at least 20 interested in playing the most popular format in pauper. If you donít like whatís on offer then let Timmy know what clan events you would like.
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Mr Moto

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PostSubject: Re: Join our league   Sat May 02, 2009 5:24 pm

Hi all.
Its been a while since I've been in a clan tourney, but I'm hoping to get back with the next one - standard is fun, and I think Alara Reborn will be online at that time.....
Feel free to ask me for a game if you see me online Smile
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Join our league
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