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 Yep, another new one

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Young Wizard

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PostSubject: Yep, another new one   Thu Aug 27, 2009 9:00 pm

Hi everyone. I am new to Magic and new to MTGO and started playing Pauper since it's impossible to play against std decks and learn the game (besides not wanting to spend a gazillion dollars). Yes, getting crushed on turn 3 in std doesn't allow me to really see what's going on. So I am only 3 weeks in but have had a few great mentors that I found (or they found me) to help me learn the standard pauper cards and deck building strategies.

Anyway I was pointed here by Wildman (thank you good sir) so I can find more players to play with. So I hope you will accept me and play a few games with me when you see me online. My MTGO name is the same as here, SardofKC, but you can call me Sard. I'm pretty much only playing standard pauper for now so I have less cards to learn.

Oh, and I still may have questions in game when you play cards or abilities I haven't seen yet.

Thanks for having me.

Sard Smile
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Yep, another new one
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