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 League info and rules

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PostSubject: League info and rules   Sun Oct 19, 2008 12:56 pm


Each league will run for a period of 4 weeks. Ticket collection will begin one week prior to the start of each league. Each week players may take part in any number of games. Players may choose who they play but MUST NOT play the same player more than twice unless I have given my expressed permission.

Each player can take part in up to 20 league games.

Matches MUST ONLY be played when either myself (andymc1), wildman4420, angali or adherent are online. Before each match starts both players must confirm to one of those people in a pm that they are about to start a league match. When the match is finished they must give me or one of the other people listed above the full result in a pm (E.g. I beat player B 2 -1). All matches for each league MUST be played by 12midnight sunday of closing date.


Each league game will be played in the anything goes room. Each match played will be best of three (2/3) and set to UNTIMED. Please see the specific league info of the current league on any other game setup requitements (std, ext, classic etc)


To register yourself to play in an upcoming league you must pay a compulsory prize fund donation of 1 MTGO event ticket. Registration for each league will begin 1 week prior to the start of the league. Payouts are as follows;

Finishing pos. Payout
1st 50% of prize fund
2nd 25% of prize fund
3rd 15% of prized fund
4th 5% of prize fund
5th 5% of prize fund

Here is an example of how that would work out if there were 16 players in league and each player paid only one ticket towards prize fund.

Finishing pos. Payout
1st 8 event tickets
2nd 4 event tickets
3rd 2 event tickets
4th 1 event ticket
5th 1 event ticket

There will also be two additional prizes of one ticket given out randomly amongst the players who complete all 20 games but do not finish inside the top 5 of the league table. (These prizes will be taken from the prize pool total)


The format, type of cards allowed etc, for each league will be decided during the month prior to the start of the league. So the deck type for marches league will be decided in February. If, during a league match, one of the competing players' deck is breaking the format rules for the league they are competing in, then the game will be abandoned and the offending player will will have a 0-2 loss to his record. For the non-offending player though, this game will not count, so they may play another in place of it.

Players are not restricted to playing the same deck for the duration of the league. decks may be altered of completely changed from match to match.

Incomplete Matches
0-0 or 1-1, at time of disconnect, no points scored, game abondoned. But can be continued later during the same week if mutually agreeable using the same decks.

1-0, if losing player disconnects and does not return before the end of the league week, the leading player scores a 2-0 win. If the leading player disconnects, then the player losing at the time scores a 2-1 win, again this is only if the disconnecting player does not return.

If anyone has any questions regarding the league please asků thanks and good luck!!! (andymc1)
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League info and rules
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