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 The Clan Cup

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PostSubject: The Clan Cup   Sat Aug 09, 2008 6:22 am

When i created this clan the PDC events were low on numbers of participants (mainly due to the V3 switchover) and my aim was to approch the casual playing MTGOers and make them aware of what the world of PDC has to offer and help them get involved. Shortly after i created the clan though (almost simultaniously) the number or participants in events had shot back up to normal levels. This left me in a bit of a void as to what purpose our clan could serve. Yes we can still help people get involved, which is a nice kind of charity work, but it is not really needed by the PDC community anymore as the number of people playing in PDC events is at a stable, heathly number. So, what is our 'thing' as a clan? We can still search for new people, which will always be ongoing, for me. We also have our clan league run by timmy. But i feel we also need something that will help us get involved with the PDC community at large. Recently i discovered something that will allow us to do this.

That thing is The Clan Cup. The Clan Cup is run by the player Force of Will and the official infomation on it can be found on the forums here. Basicly what happens is, for every finish one of our members gets in one of the PDC events in at least the top 8, they earn some points for our clan. Getting knocked out in the top 8 round means 2 points, top 4 is 4 points and 1st and 2nd are 10 and 7 points respectively. All of the points that our members earn during each season are pooled together to give us our clan score. We will have a clan score for STD, Fut Ext, Classic and an overall score which will combine those three formats as well as any block or alt PDC events our members gain points in. If our clan finishes top of the leaderboard in any of the three main formats (STD Fut EXT or Classic) will be win 10 tix for each one we win and an additional 20 tix if we are the overall leader in points across all formats. As well as this i think it'll be good fun to try and out-do the other clans and work together to try and get a good amount of points across the board.

We would have to work out beforehand what we want to do with these tix, as 10 tix doesn't split between 20+ people. I would sugguest that the tix be shared evenly between anyone who contributed to the points in the won catagory as well as anyone in the winning catagory who has entered 5 or more events.

So, what do you guys think? I'm quite excited about it (and will be approching Calathan for sign up soon) Very Happy
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Mr Moto

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PostSubject: Clan cup   Sun Aug 10, 2008 3:04 pm

This sounds fun. Since we're playing in the tourneys some of us anyway, we might as well do a bit for the greater (clan) good too. (When the timezones arent too annoying (stupid EST)....
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The Clan Cup
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