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 Official introduction thread

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Young Wizard

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Join date : 2010-06-23

PostSubject: Official introduction thread   Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:28 pm

I Kinda just jumped on board here and started making friends and posting posts without even introducing myself ,so here's a thread to let you guys get to know me a little better.
I've been a gamer as far back as i can remember. My family bought an Atari in 1984 and I've been hooked ever since. I've also been addicted to SciFi /Fantasy from a very young age.
My father was a typical 50's child and a super nerd with a high IQ, he has a library of over 2500 Science fiction and fantasy novels, and I've read every one. I read the Hobbit when i was 12 and flew through the Lord of the Rings trilogy at 13. Speaking of my father i should say he was asthmatic and over weight as a child and never made to work hard; his father, seeing that i was healthy and strong took me at age 10 and started me working on an Alabama farm ... i never enjoyed a summer vacation since. I joined the Army in 1993 (partly to get out of clearing land and other farm work) and was attached to the 160th SOAR Night stalkers Ft Campbell Ky just in time to rotate to several dirty places around the world. In late 1996 i was involved in a training accident that blew out both my knees and earned me a medical discharge and a golden 20% from Uncle Sam. I tried several different jobs after that but nothing really panned out until i started working for a brick mason in 98. All of a sudden everything just started to fit. Hard work, good pay and not to mention new friends who introduced me to two loves in my life ... marijuana and magic the gathering.
I learned to play paper and learned to roll it too. I spent the next 11 years laying brick block stone and rock, that is till the economy dropped and people stopped building houses. Now i work in a factory running extrusion machines (BTW i run twice what anyone else on my shift runs). I found MTGO about 8 months ago and i believe this is the last online game I'll play. I should say however that ten years prior I've been an online nut. In 99 i started playing a game called Microsoft Combat flight simulator and there i met my ex wife. we played cfs for a year or so then we started playing FPS games with a good group of guys known as the SoS ( we were number one in the pc ladders on games like Call of duty 1, 2, 4, and 5 my ex wife and i also played WoW we had both played Pre bc and sold our accounts to the Chinese 2 months after wotlk came out. When the economy fell and i got a job in a factory i was sent to Indiana for 9 months, and while i was there she had an affair with someone she had met online (go figure). I do however think I'm better off, i Have a new love in my life and She's better to me than any woman I've ever known. She has, however, a psychotic ex husband who wants to kill me, and a son who is Autistic. As for her ex ... he has no idea i carry a 40 cal every time i step out the door, and he has no clue of my military history, so no sweat there. As for her son, When i say he has autism it's not the cute card counting Vegas boy, rainman kind, it's the screaming holy terror fit banging his head against the wall kind. It doesn't matter though, because i love him and i am finding patience in places i thought i had none.
Your going to have to bear with me, I'm not always clear on the rules of Magic. Partly because in backwoods Alabama if you don't know a rule, you go with the consensus. And i never spent any time in the card shops, because we always got kicked out. I'm not going to sit there and get talked down to by a 400lb comic book nerd. I do however have some really good ideas for decks and i guarantee i can come up with the best name for a deck. Example .... my latest deck has been named "Beatin off" Smile
For those of you who have facebook please feel free to add me as a friend. My name is Russell Perrin of Cullman Alabama. If you add me please send me a message saying your from mtgo. My new love spends allot of time on my face book so I'm going to have to ask, if there are any female gamers here, please do not add me as a friend. She is extremely jealous ... and rightly so, her ex-husband had 7 affairs (that she knew of ) and probably triple that. Other than that, I think that pretty much sums it up. Personally i think this thread should get a STICKY and every one should Post in this thread something about their self so we can all get to know each other a little better

P.S. when i started factory work i had to stop smoking pot, now I'm an alcoholic. I drink every day i have liquor in the fridge. I wish we could pass some laws so i could start getting high again .... my liver is soooo mad at me.
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Location : Coventry

PostSubject: Re: Official introduction thread   Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:00 pm

Welcome to the clan. Thank you for what is probably the longest intro to date. I hope you find us an interesting and welcoming crowd.
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Young Wizard

Posts : 14
Join date : 2010-06-24

PostSubject: Re: Official introduction thread   Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:06 pm

Don't worry bro. I'll smoke one for you. Smile Hell, I'll smoke 2 for you since you're ex-military.
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PostSubject: Re: Official introduction thread   

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Official introduction thread
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