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 Number of league matches

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PostSubject: Number of league matches   Mon May 17, 2010 10:29 am

In a conversation last night with new member negative_optimist he expressed surprise that we only play 20 matches each round. It's a good point that isn't as simple as it might be. Looking back to the start of leagues TimmyHill selected 20 matches as a number he thought was achievable each round. As the regulars know it isn't always easy to get 20 matches played. I'm constantly fighting against low attendance. Even when there are 10 opponents available time zone differences often make it difficult to meet up and play, and players will find real life keeps then offline for weeks at a time. That's just life.

If we examine the old wotc official leagues we see a similar set of rules, 5 counting matches per week of the league for a month long league. In addition though they had tie breaker matches, and you could play any number of those.

At present we don't need tie breakers. If the number of players rises then we might need them. But what if we allowed tie breaker matches just to keep the level of involvement up? Would any of you want to keep playing beyond 2 matches per opponent? It could even help where someone needs to make their 20 matches and everyone else available already has 20 matches. One of you would be playing officially and the other would be in a tie-breaker. Let me know what you think and if there is interest then I can lok at how I might incorporate this into the league.

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PostSubject: Re: Number of league matches   Wed May 26, 2010 9:45 am

It seems like a sensible idea. Couldn't hurt. After all, people in the league are already welcome to play casual games against people they've already played twice. Having those games "count", even if just a tiny bit, could encourage people to play more.

(Speaking of "play more", I'm going to try & get caught up on some league matches tonight, around 4pm-11pm PST, if anyone's interested in knockin' me around Smile )
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Number of league matches
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