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 2010 league season handicap system?

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PostSubject: 2010 league season handicap system?   Mon Sep 21, 2009 8:06 am

Looking back over the 2009 season I see that participation didn't really rise with clan membership, despite a lot of new members saying they were attracted by our leagues. There's a core of pleyers who usually play, then another group of occasional players, and finally a majority that never join our leagues.

In recent leagues we have changed thiings to try to widen the appeal; optional fees, more normal formats, newsletters, forum improvements, the 'CS' room. I've spoken directly to many of you about your preferences. So far the feedback has been good, but participation is not up. I read a Pete Jahn article today that could explain this trend: link

If the problem here is the same people always winning then we may have a way to fix that. We could use a power ranking system like the one I used here before to build in a handicap system to the leagues. We might for instance take the league score and multiply it by the inverse of the power rating before deciding the final rankings, e.g.
player 1 scores 40 game wins from 20 matches, has a power rating of 8, and a final ranking score of 40*1/8=5.
player 2 scores 20 game wins from 20 matches, has a power rating of 4, and a final ranking score of 20*1/4=5.
player 3 scores 10 game wins from 20 matches, has a power rating of 2, and a final ranking score of 10*1/2=5.
meaning that all 3 players are level before the games lost are taken into account.
If someone fails to play 20 matches then handicap leaves them behind e.g.
player 4 scores 38 game wins from 19 matches, has a power rating of 8, and a final ranking score of 38*1/8=4.75.

We could even allow tie-breaker matches, which would help anyone on less than 20 matches to catch up, and act as a 3rd tie breaker after games won and games lost.

Let me know if you think this would be a welcome change to make in the 2010 season.
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2010 league season handicap system?
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