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 Phase 2 - The Clan Engine

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PostSubject: Phase 2 - The Clan Engine   Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:52 am

The ultimate aim of the clan for me is to create something which, one day if i left (or got kicked out) could run without me. I suppose the key quote behind this idea would be 'many hands make light work', if we all do something small for the clan and watch out for each other something very big can be created, having a real impact on the world of PDC. The key i think is getting the balance right, and i'm sure that our stratagy will go through many changes as it becomes more streamlined. Anyways, i have an idea already what the structure of the council should be like so i'll do my best to explain each position below and how they link together so that anyone can achieve any position dependant on the time they are willing/able to commit to the clan and the PDC community.

(IP = Influence points)

1. Recruiting Officer
2. Recruitment Leader - 1 IP
3. Captain - 1 IP
4. Moderator - 1 IP
5. Event Host - 2 IP
6. Global Moderator - 2 IP
7. Clan Leader - 3 IP

Term = 1 month

# = Infinate
1. Recruiting Officer - Recruiting Officer is the entry level into the ruling council. Therefore this is the only rank which cannot call a coup* against the Clan Leader. Recruitment Officers (and Recruitment Leader) are the muscle of the clan. They are our guys on the ground and are the position one must master in order to move upwards in the clan. Each Recruitment Officer should start his/her own thread in the 'New Players' forum. This thread should be used to list the names of people that they have spoken to and that have expressed that they would like to join the clan. For each name on that Officer's list that becomes a fully fledged member of the clan that Officer will earn 1 point. If one of those names isn't in the player database on then that Officer will earn 2 points instead (the Officer should put a note next to the name if this is the case). At the end of each term these points will be tallied up and the member with the highest total will be promoted to the position of Recruitment Leader. To retain their position Recruiting Officers MUST earn at least 1 point per term.

# = 1
2. Recruitment Leader - Recruitment Leaders have shown some commitment to the clan by introducing the most new recruits. They may now choose to become either a Captain, Moderator or Event Host. Captain positions will only be available if there are less than 5 spaces (total) in the current clans on the Clan Rosters. If a Recruitment Leader decides to become a Captain they must leave the clan section they are in and start a new one. If the Recruitment Leader decides to become a moderator of one of the forum catagories there are two things that may happen. 1) If there is a moderator position available they may choose which of the open positions they would like to fill and fill it. 2) If there are no positions available then the Global Moderator's report (see Global Moderator) of Moderators performance will be used to decide which of the current Moderators should be demoted to make way for the applicant. A Recruitment Leader may decide to become an Event Host if there is a position available. If not then they may put their name on a waiting list in the Council Room and take up one of the other positions if they wish while they wait. If a Recruitment Leader does take on another job then the Recruitment Officer with the next highest recruitment point rating will take his/her place as Recruitment Leader. If there are positions available but the current Recruitment Leader does not wish to take any of them on, then the offer of those positions may be passed down to the next highest Recruitment Officer.

# = Infinate
3. Captain - Each Captain is responsible for the members in his/her clan. They should remind their members to /join PDC whenever they come online, if needed. They should also regularly check the Recruiting Officer's threads and the New Players area on the forum for usernames and add those names to their buddylist on the MTGO client. Then look out for those people in order to recruit them into their clan section.

# = The # catagories on the clan forum minus one
4. Moderator - A Moderator's responsibilities depend on which catagory of the forum they are Moderating;

The Clan Hall - The Clan Hall Moderator's job is to edit/delete or move bad posts or threads. They must also update the Job Spot forum when necessary or instructed.

Recruitment Barracks - The Moderator of this catagory should edit/delete or move bad posts or threads. They must also aim to update the Clan Rosters by checking the 'Clans' section on the MTGO client once per week or at least once per month before the end of term.

The Melting Pot/The Trading Post - This Moderator has two catagories to look after, though The Trading Post should not prove too difficult. They must edit/delete or move bad posts. They may also wish to lead discussions for new ideas in The Melting Pot by starting new threads though this is not a MUST.

Deck & Format Discussions - The Moderator of this catagory should edit/delete or move bad posts or threads. They are also encouraged to start new deck/format discussions at the rate of 1 thread per term minimum.

PDC Weekly Events - This Moderator should scout out new PDC events to add to these forums and investigate the ones that are currently displayed and delete events that are no longer running.

# = Infinate
5. Event Host - Event hosts should first read this post by evu on using the DCI reporter. They are also responsible for advertising their event on the gleemax forums and on

# = 1
6. Global Moderator - The Global Moderator is understudy to the Clan Leader. The Global Moderator is also one step away from becoming Clan Leader. During each term the Global Moderator must compile a small report in the Inner Chamber (a forum which is only visible to the Global Moderator and the Clan Leader) on the performance of the Moderators. If a Moderator isn't completing his/her tasks then this will be noted there. A Global Moderator may only serve 3 terms maximum, then there will be a discussion between the Clan Leader and Global Moderator in the Inner Chamber or MTGO client to decide which of the current Moderators have performed best, or least worst, to take their place as Global Moderator. It is also the Global Moderator's responsibility to take on the moderating role (unofficially) of any moderating positions not currently filled.

# = 1
7. Clan Leader - It is the Clan Leader's responsiblity to handle the forum administration and in the event of a coup*, tutor the new Clan Leader, if needed, on how to use the admin control panal. The Clan Leader is expected to respect the decision of a coup* whether it is favourable or not and hand over power to the Gobal Moderator and serve out the rest of the ex-Global Moderator's term. The Clan Leader is expected to keep an eye on every aspect of the clan and ensure things are running smoothly, if not then he/she should take appropriate action and, wherever possible, consult the rest of the ruling council in the Council Room on major decisions.

* Performing a coup - If the CL (Clan Leader) is not living up to expectations or turns out to be a tyrant any member of the ruling council who has at least 1 Influence Point may call a coup. They can do this by sending a personal message to the GL (Global Moderator) who must speak to the CL to arrange a date and time in the near future and post this in the Council Room. This post will invite all members with at least 1 influence point to take part. On the specified date and time members of the ruling council and the CL and GM will meet in /join coup. Then once there are at least 4 members, not including the CL or GM the CL and GM will leave the room. At this time each member still left in the room will vote on whether they wish to overthrow the current CL and replace him with the GM. They can do this by typing CL, then each member who wishes to keep the CL in power will type his/her influence point rating into the coup window. The same will be done for the GM and each total counted up. Whoever has the highest total will be appointed CL.

This is just one example of how we could give people more involvement in the clan and help to recruit lots of people without piling all the work onto a couple of people. Nothing is set in stone yet so any thoughts on it are welcome.
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Phase 2 - The Clan Engine
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