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 Common Sense League Season 2.3 Alphabet

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PostSubject: Common Sense League Season 2.3 Alphabet   Sun Aug 02, 2009 9:31 am

Common Sense League Season 2.3 Alphabet

Place Clan Member Matches Points Tickets Won Paid
1st Wildman44201022, 13 8 paid
 2ndTimmyhill 1120, 15 3 paid
 3rd Izzet Guildmage1017, 8 2 paid
 4thShabbawoo8 14, 7 1 sent to prize pool
 5thjMason8 13, 5 1 paid

The cut off for Prizes if 5th place, however you can still get season points.

 Place Clan Member Matches Points
 6th portiastext3 5, 4
 7th angali24, 4
 8thmaddog40001282, 16

Prizes:Finishing Pos.Payout

Number of tickets collected 15
1st 50% of prize fund = 8 tickets
2nd 25% of prize fund = 3
3rd 15% of prized fund = 2
4th 5% of prize fund = 1
5th 5% of prize fund = 1

Common Sense League 2009 Standings

I'm will be keeping track of where people place in each league and then at the end of the year maybe we will be able to give out even bigger prizes to the top people. You must place in the top 8 in a league round to score season points.

 Place Clan Member Points
 1st wildman442018
 2nd jmason17
 3rd mooncalf16
 4th izzet guildmage13
 5th timmyhill 11
 8thdr zaius5
 12th gromhan2
 13thmr moto1
 16th ecupiratefan690
 17th steelpheonix0
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Common Sense League Season 2.3 Alphabet
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