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 Forum Improvements

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PostSubject: Forum Improvements   Fri Jul 24, 2009 4:25 am

I want to start to make some changes on the forum here to make it more accessible to prospective clan members because we're receiving a lot of interest from players who are new to the pauper format. In fact you'll have noticed that I have already done some experimental restructuring in the announcements bar and the welcome message. I figured that we need to give the impression that the forum is an active and useful contact centre.

The first thing is the welcome statement. I need feedback on the contents so that it can reflect what the clan is really about, not just my own opinion, so let me know what you think. At the moment I believe our activities are:
1) pauper leagues
2) playtesting at the PDC level (and maybe at the PE level too?)
3) chat / networking

Beyond the front page we need to have an information page or pages where recruits can find out information such as how to join, who runs leagues, and all about common sense clan. Again I need suggestions for what needs to go on those pages. I should have a prototype page up in the next few days.

I feel we can then streamline the forums and move some of the reference information onto an information page, starting with the clan rosters and the weekly event forums.

Please, let me know if this is good / bad / appreciated or whatever.
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Improvements   Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:16 am

I like the changes that you have already made Very Happy .And agree that more changes are needed maybe having something like "deck of the week taking a deck that has won or placed highly in 1 of the weekly pauper events posting the listing and maybe some comments on how it works and leave it open to discusssion as to how it maybe changed to improve or change the cards in it when M10 comes online ( mainly applicable to std or block constructed decks i should imagine ). Or maybe have the clan desigbn a deck ( we do have some very good deckbiulders , not me thats for sure Very Happy but some of the other clanmembers) and get maddog to play it ( he seems to be playing in every avilable pauper tourney going Very Happy ) Anyway these are just a couple of thoughts maybe i'll be able to post some more suggestions when i have had time to think about it.
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Forum Improvements
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