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 Common Sense League Season 2.4 Classic - Ended

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PostSubject: Common Sense League Season 2.4 Classic - Ended   Mon May 25, 2009 12:25 pm

Common Sense League Season 2.4 Classic

This round will be Classic

The rounds starts May 26th and will end around June 30th.

Each player can play up to 20 matches for the length of the round which will be 4 weeks. Players can only play each other twice. Matches should be setup as best 2/3 and set for an unlimited time. Please make sure your deck only uses commons. The results can be reported to Wildman4420, Andymc1 or myself Timmyhill either in game or here in a pm. Please report results as follows: "I beat player B 2-1"

We will use the current list which I think is still just Cranial Plating.

To participate you must donate atleast one mtgo event ticket before you start any league matches.

Prizes will be awarded as follows.
Finishing pos. Payout
1st 50% of prize fund
2nd 25% of prize fund
3rd 15% of prized fund
4th 5% of prize fund
5th 5% of prize fund
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Common Sense League Season 2.4 Classic - Ended
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