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 in love with my new deck

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Master Sorcerer

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PostSubject: in love with my new deck   Mon May 25, 2009 10:59 am

hi i have been working on a non-pauper (yeahyeah heresy Smile) deck for a while now, and recently i have been having alot of fun with it. i thought i'd share, because this forum needs some more active topics anyway Smile

U/G Mutants! (cards are clickable)

Creatures (25)

4x Shorecrasher Mimic
4x Aquastrand Spider
4x Lorescale Coatl
4x Cytoplast Root-Kin
4xPlaxcaster Frogling
2xTrygon Predator
2xOverbeing of Myth
1xMurkfiend Liege

Spells (12)

1xCauldron of Souls
1xAncestral Vision

Lands (23)
6 Island
6 Forest
4xLlanowar Reborn
3xSimic Growth Chamber
1xBreeding Pool
1xYavimaya Coast
1xFlooded Grove

Shorecrasher mimic: most of my cards are UG, so shorecrasher is a real star. especially with a counter or two on it, he can be a real tough early game beater, alot of my games before the game really start to move, i have already beated off half of opponents life with the shorecrashers Smile

Aquastrand Spider: He is the only 2cc graft creature, not a bad ability, but i hardly ever use it. he is essential though, as graft is what this deck is all about

Lorescale Coatl: My creatures need counters, thisl one fixes that on his own, better still, he keeps on growing! (work well with vision, overbeing and snakeform too)

Cytoplast Root-kin: Very good grafter, and gives permanent bonusses in the form of counters to creatures who already have one of more counters (which should be nearly all my creatures). ability is not bad either.

Plaxcaster Frogling: 3/3 for 3 mana, graft, awesome ability, i'll take it!

Trygon Predator: Repeatable artifact/enchantment removal, flying, the right colors, i'll put 2 in MD and 2 in SB

Overbeing: Great card, card draw is great with lorescale out, with a +1+1 cuonter on it or with murkfiend out he also stays alive if you have a empty hand

Murkfiend Liege: Great card, +2+2 for 3/4 of my creaures and +1+1 for the green ones. and look what an awesome ability, great for in you are locked in with another aggro deck.

Ancestral Visionl: my only 1cc card, dont need more (maybe 1 more but not more than that), because typically i want to put down a llanowar reborn on my first turn, so i can put a counter on my turn2 drop.

Cytoshape: With grafters out this essentiallty is a kill-card, because grafters are 0/0 creatures. Work very well. Against creatures with counters (other counter heavy decks are not my ideal opponent obviously Smile), or if you dont have grafters out, it can still be a neat combat trick

Mirrorweave: Same principle as with the cytoshape, only more massive.... instant speed 1-sided wog! Smile hehe well ideally it is, can be interupted easily though (countered or kill/bouncing the target). Can also sometimes work as a finisher, by making you 0/0 with counters copies of a big creatures, thus making them ULTRABIG (after he decided not to block preferably). Its very versatile, y'day i mirrorweaved my overbeing in my upkeep fase thus allowing my to draw 5 cards and have 5 huge overbeings Smile. you also totally own slivers, as your creaures will be slivers too, expect they are bigger because of the counters. if it resolves anyway Smile

Snakeform: Another nice combat trick, card draw boosts the lorescale, and snakeforming a grafter gives them +1+1 (because he is 1/1 then instead of 0/0). I used to run vigean hydropon, hehe, that was also fun snakeforming, but they had to go in favor of the lorescales. fun card snakeform. snakeform is also very good imo because often you can get rid of opponents creauteres + stop irritating activated or triggered abilities on them.

Cauldron of Souls: With all the graft around my creatures will keep on coming back forever Smile plus the grafters themselves get renewed counters and i can sacrifice them that way, boosting a creature and boosting themselves. i had a loop one day, gave 3 grafters persist.. 1 comes into play, i can give it 3 counters, one grafter dies, comes back into play, triggering graft, another dies etc, repeat next turn, and grow your own mega mutants Smile

Llanowar Reborn/Simic Growth: work well together, the CipT is annoying though, together i run 7 "slow" lands, but its ok, my spells are not that expensive on average.

the 3 duals: this is just what i own, i would like 2 floodeds and 3 breedings pools but $$ if you know what i mean Smile maybe later

pendelhaven: hehe well its got no disadvantages and i can intentionally make a creature 1/1 by grafting or using root-kin ability

sideboard: got some random stuff in there atm, 1 cold-eyed selkie, 1 sword of fire/ice, 1 sword of light/dark, 2 more trygon predators, 1 more mirrorweave. the metagame in the casual extended room in modo is very varied i have not yet played enough to really NEED cards because this one type of deck is killing me all the time.

Cards i considered

cytoplast manipulator: awesome card but needs different deeck, working on that Smile

doubling season: really silly good, but this needs to go in a deck with mana acceleration, its too slow, in this deck you rather want overbeing, murkfiend or cauldron as a five drop.

simic guildmage: awesome card, moving counters can be really good... i wish it was move a counter to -any- other creature, so i could steal opponents counters, would maybe have been a good SB card. i dont have much mana free on most of my turns, that also disqualifies him.

jhessian infiltrator: another u/g 2cc drop, makes shorecrasher go wild, and unblockable can be good, i used to run him, but they didnt perform that well

momir: he is very good, especially when protected by frogling, but he's too slow in this deck, the other 5 drops are better

fable of wolf and owl: too slow, doesnt fit in the theme of the deck

gilder bairn: he can be good, but he can also be useless

eternal witness: one my fav green cards, but strangely enough doesnt quite work that well in this deck

garruk: another great green card i own a singleton of, i thought mana accelation is good, esp with the simic growth chambers, overrun can be great, and the tokens can be grafted... but i didnt like it in the deck

jace: maybe he's good i dont know, havent tried him, he's gone up in price too i saw... anyway i have ALOT of 3cc cards already, and maybe i have card draw enough

experiment kraj: ok i havent really tried him in this deck, that wuold be ridiculous, but he is so cool... i want to make a cytoplast manipulator-experminent kraj-gilder bairn deck, but ok lets not digress.

Anyway i made this for fun, and fun it is! its very versatile, and i win most games, although i loose almost everything in the tournament room, but i'd rather play agianst the wide variety of the casual room. its also pretty original, there arent that many graft decks around, i havent encounterd one anyway.

anyway, if you have any ideas or just want to comment, or have suggestions for the sideboard, or just suggestions for cards which would be fun to try out, let me know.
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Mr Moto

Posts : 24
Join date : 2008-06-02

PostSubject: Re: in love with my new deck   Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:13 pm

It just a awesome fun deck - very versatile - even when you beat me with it, I enjoy seeing it Smile
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Location : Coventry

PostSubject: Re: in love with my new deck   Mon Jun 22, 2009 2:05 pm

Seems to have a bit in common with this deck kaleidoscope-special-budget-contest-winning-deck
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PostSubject: Re: in love with my new deck   

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in love with my new deck
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