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 thoughts on winning matches in the league

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PostSubject: thoughts on winning matches in the league   Fri Jan 30, 2009 4:41 am

I hope everyone is enjoying the league, I know I am.
To begin with I was losing a lot of matches, but now Iím doing better and catching up with the leaders.

I thought it might be worth writing down my thoughts on the subject so that if anyone here is feeling a bit discouraged with their results then they could take some inspiration and maybe do the same.

The first thing to notice is that several tribes are much stronger than others. Elves quickly grow to an unstoppable swarm, as do goblins. My flying Illusions deck lost to Elves. Having 9/9 flyers looks good in theory, but is way too slow by comparison, and mono blue has no way to deal with swarms. My Faerie and Elemental decks did no better.

Now I selected Illusions because I always liked that deck in standard, but in all honesty it was never going to win so long as Elves are around. To win, I needed to forget about playing my favourite tribes and fun tribes and either play Elves or something better.

To beat swarms you need wrath effects, which means playing white, black or red.

The other issue is speed. If I can keep the board clear and hang on to my life total then I have lots of time to play slow creatures and to win slowly. Mr Moto has an elemental deck that is very successful like that (watch out for the blinking shamblers). I decided to try and be even faster than the Elves instead.

I ended up with a mono red Goblin storm deck. This obviously includes 20 Goblins, but also 4 Martyr of Ashes to deal with swarms (not so good against flyers note). Itís very fast, and can just win on turn 1 or turn 2 sometimes.

A final note on deckbuilding. Your deck has to play well every game. Always use 4 of each card unless you have a good reason not to (toolkit control deck). Get your land right, especially if youíre in more than 1 colour. You have all of classic to choose from, so donít pick a bad card if thereís a better one to be had, theyíre all common and generally donít cost a lot.

Hope that helps, and good luck.
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PostSubject: Re: thoughts on winning matches in the league   Fri Jan 30, 2009 12:13 pm

Interesting post jmason. Very Happy

When the format for the league is announced I think it's always good to think about the format a little bit before you start building your deck. What do we know about what our deck is going to be facing, before we've even played a match or practice game? Well, this is tribal, so we know every deck we play against is going to have at least 20 creatures. Seems a simple concept but many players don't seem to incorporate this knowledge into their decks to increase their chance of winning. To my mind, in tribal, you should either play a deck that attempts to gain board advantage, or you play a deck that is fast.

When i say a deck that is fast, i mean FAST. This means you should have plenty of good creatures, which can still play a strong part in your victory in the later stages, on turn 1. A fast deck should also have stronger creatures, in relation to mana cost, than your normal card advantage type deck (ie. nettle sentinel vs phyrexian rager) and be able to force damage through in the later stages when your creatures may be outclassed. If you play a deck which is slower but aims to win through the normal beat down strategy then you are just asking to be wiped out with mass removal or your main threats picked off with spot removal. In the case that you are up against another aggro-centered deck then you will probably get swarmed and beat to death.

Your other option is to play a deck that wins through card advantage. Remember though that card advantage doesn't just mean you draw x cards, or you make your opponent discard x. One of the best ways to gain card advantage is through mass removal. btw the elemental deck with blinking shamblers was mine john Wink... unless mrmoto has made somthing similar... Cards such as jilt are good too.

Just think about the format, what you're likely to be facing, then how the hell am i going to beat that?

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thoughts on winning matches in the league
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