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 A wise man can play the fool...

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PostSubject: A wise man can play the fool...   Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:29 am

But a fool can not play the wise man. confused

Jmason pointed out a very interesting thread written by Giraffe on to me last night concerning pauper sanctioned events meta. Here's the breakdown of what he faced in his matchs, 108 recorded in total.

the metagame of 108 of Giraffe's opponents:
17 Burn (16%)
15 Storm (14%)
14 Mono Black (13%)
12 Affinity (11%)
9 GW Slivers (8%)
8 Orzhov (5%)
5 MUC (5%)
5 Grand Entrance (3%)
3 Parlor Tricks (3%)
3 Cloak (3%)
2 Teachings (2%)
2 RG Beats (2%)
2 Mono Red (2%)
1 Zoo (1%)
1 Stompy (1%)
1 Rakdos Tokens (1%)
1 Notatog (1%)
1 Land Destruction (1%)
1 Izzet (1%)
1 Goblin Rites (1%)
1 Elves (1%)
1 Deep Dog (1%)
1 Dark Skies (1%)
1 Azorius (1%)

You can view the orignal thread by clicking here.

Good luck to anyone entering the PE!

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PostSubject: Re: A wise man can play the fool...   Thu Jan 29, 2009 6:42 pm

That is very interesting. I would like to play in this weekend's PE, but I've had like zero chance to play in Classic PDC events lately. (Once I got the time wrong off an outdated posting, and another time no one else showed up.)

So I have very little personal data on what to play. I'm probably going to go with something along a Cogs / Parlor Tricks / Grand Entrance / Orzhov Blink type of deck, just since I have experience with it. (And yes it's probably wrong to mash them like that.) But because I have so many options, I need to decide how to arrange the SB.

This looks reassuring because the build favors me against Burn, with a reasonable chance against Storm. Don't really know how I play against MBC though.
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A wise man can play the fool...
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